Ergostabili'T® wheelchair postural device

Stop contention
Ergostabili’T® eliminates any slipping in the wheelchair of elderly or handicapped people.

Retropulsion Syndrome

Retropulsion is characterised by a posterior projection of the trunk in the sitting position. The person has a tendency to slide out of the chair.
The problem with current solutions
Single belt
The person can slide under the strap. Risk of suffocation.
Pelvic belt
Feeling of being attached. Certain limit of freedom.

Consequences associated with slippage

Loss of comfort

of disorders


Walking difficulty
with risk
of fall

Designed by a Physiotherapist and EHPAD trainer
on the Risks of falls in the elderly.

Number of deaths after falls
in France every year

The 4 main advantages of Ergostabili'T® are

A universal cushion

The cushion, an integral part of Ergostabili’T®, fits all wheelchairs on the market.

Non-inverted hook

It is easy to assemble and adapt. The cushion becomes an integral part of the chair.

An ideal support

For bed and toilet transfers. Only the T part is mobile. The speakers clip and unclip in 1 second.

Natural and dignified

The person naturally places his or her hands on the bar.
This eliminates the feeling of emptiness in front of them, especially when moving around.

Available options

A simple bar

For people in dresses.
It avoids slipping, but does not prevent untimely lifting.

A shelf

Dining tray

Ergostabili'T®'s strong points

Quick to set up for accompanying persons.
The system allows its users to benefit from a certain freedom of action, without being tied with a pelvic restraint belt for example.

Freedom - Safety Simplicity & Dignity.

The person is calmed and soothed.

Created by a physiotherapist, based on the ergonomics of the child’s chair. ErgoStabilité® removes the feeling of constraint that a person in a wheelchair can suffer from when harnessed. 


Ergo Stabilité® has been used daily for more than 2 years. The convincing results are recognised by the entire EHPAD medical profession.

I, the undersigned, Doctor of Medicine, hereby certify that the transformations experimented by Mr Jean BARBRY, physiotherapist, on a standard wheelchair, with the aim of improving the positioning of residents adopting "vicious" positions, gives good results after two months of experimentation, on a sample of 5 residents. This of course encourages the improvement and continuation of these trials.

Dr. Jean-Philippe CHRIST Physician Coordinator of the EHPAD

107 Bd de la Madeleine – 06000 NICE
Phone : 04 92 15 99 99 – Fax : 04 92 15 99 86

Ergo Stabili't® is a patented system
EN 1853981 11/05/19 International filing PCT 06/05/18
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